Our teachers

Óvári Éva


Éva Óvári

  • voice training

  • music analysis

  • folk songs

I am Éva Óvari. I loved music even as a small child. Until the age of 18 my life was about classical music. I played the piano for 8 years and the violin for 12. I was a singer in the Children’s Choir of the Hungarian Radio and later in the Angelica Girls’ Choir of Városmajori Gimnázium. I graduated from the ELTE Teaching and Nursery Teaching Faculty as a nursery teacher in 2008.


Since 1999 I have been working as a background singer on many Hungarian productions. Among others I have worked with Péter Gerendás, Andrea Szulák and Pierrot. I  featured in Gemini, Illés, Metro, Omega concerts as well as in  “Man and Woman” (Férfi és N?) by László Dés. I have been working with Bárió Auguszt for 6 years and with Zorán for 10.


I met Hajnal in 1999. She taught me to express the soul and to not be afraid of dreaming and to be free.

I learnt a method that gives strength and power, that makes you understand that you are capable of anything and nothing is impossible. This is a rare and precious thing. I have worked as a trainer with Hajnal since 2004.

Fóris Rita



Rita Fóris

  • voice training

  • piano



I am Rita Fóris. My musical education started when I was 6 years old. This is when I started playing the piano and the violin. From 1994- 1998 I was studying at the piano faculty of the Batók Béla Conservatory, Budapest. I graduated as a piano teacher and chamber orchestra player in the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy’s Teacher Training Faculty.


I met Hajnal Magyar a few years ago, and her completely different, complex approach to singing opened up new horizons for me. Now as a teacher here I can say I am very lucky to be representing this method and this school. I am using all my experience in singing, playing the piano, and my knowledge of musical analysis to help my students improve themselves.

Kedl Ildikó kedl

Ildikó Kedl

  • voice training

  • gospel



My name is Ildikó Kedl. I started playing the cello when I was 9 years old, and at the age of 12 I entered  into the prep school of  the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Szeged. After this I attended the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy in Budapest, from where I graduated as a cello artist in  1991.


As a singer I started performing with the band Tea, and then as the solo singer of Outsiders Big Band, with whom I performed at many concerts, TV and radio shows. Later I was recording with Iván Folk, Friderika and NO.  I have been a member of the BPA Gospel Team since 2002.


I met Hajnal and started attending this amazing school 3 years ago. I can say that since this meeting unsuspected opportunities opened up for me in singing. I am very grateful to Hajnal for revealing this wonderfully exciting and colourful method. I feel honoured that as a trainer I am part of this great project, whose aim is to show singers the joy of  ‘singing as speaking’.

Fóris Attila


Attila Fóris

  • voice training

  • songwriting

I am Attila Fóris. I started playing the violin when I was 8 years old. At the age of 14 I decided I wanted to have a closer relationship with music and I went to the Dohnányi Ern? Music High School in Veszprém. After this I went to the Liszt Ferenc Music Academy, where I graduated as a music teacher and chamber orchestra player. During these years singing was always a major part of my studies.


I have been part of many different singing performances, trying out and experiencing various styles. For the past 9 years I have been a  member of István Gyárfás’s BPA Gospel Team.


I was a student of Hajnal Magyar’s school for 3 years. This really changed my ideas about singing, both in theory and in practice.  Her method was a real break-through for me, I experienced its impact on my own skin, so I can genuinely pass all of this knowledge on. I believe that this method is going to be the solution for many singers, as it has been for me.

Bokodi Bálint


Bálint Bokodi

  • voice training

  • scream technique

  • rock singing

I am Bálint Bokodi. I started my music studies at the Szent László elementary school in K?bánya, then I went on to Árpád Vezér High School in Sárospatak, where I was a member of the school choir. I learnt to play the violin  at the K?banya Füzér Street Music School for 6 years, and later I continued in the Farkas Ferenc Art Foundation School’s violin and drum faculty for 4 years in Sárospatak. It was here that I got into rock music and metal.

In 2003 I was the singer of the band Gloaming. Now I sing in the bands The Ministers and Slipchaos.
After 2 years of singing I had to realize that in this genre it is not enough to ‘just sing well’. I felt that my untrained voice is going to give up sooner or later. I started training with Hajnal at the beginning of 2005 and I learnt a method that swept away all obstacles I had, both in my mind and physically. My aim is to pass this knowledge on to those who are fighting the same battle.